Update #69

We have taken a break from playing shows this month to resume writing on our next release.
In the meantime it would mean the world to us if you could go and stream your favorite song by us. It helps…

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March tour run

We're buttoning up the confirmed dates and so far we have: 

March 3rd: Russellville, AR - The Cavern

March 4th: St. Louis, MI - Pink pit

March 5th: St. Louis, MI - B-Side

March 7th: Des Moines, IA - Leftys…

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New E.P out Now!

If you haven't heard already we just dropped 3 new songs! 


You can find all 3 of those songs on our Youtube, Spotify, Apple music, or WHEREVER you listen to music. 

Enjoy , and don't…

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Tour Date and Venues

July 30th: Vanguard Tulsa, Ok 
July 31st: Kirby's beer store, Wichita, Ks 
Aug 2nd: Vultures, Col. Springs, Co 
Aug 5th:  The Beehive, S.L.C, Ut 
Aug 12th: Double Down, Las Vegas, Nv 
Aug 13th: Corbin bowl, Los Angels, Ca 
Aug 18th…

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We finally have an online store, packed and ready for your convenience!

The Vanguard Album release show

We are excited to finally drop the long awaited, and sought-after Debut album. 

To play an album release show you have to have 3 things:

1: The album (duhh).

We're a band that is fueled by will power, rage, and…

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Upcoming shows, and... merch update!

We're excited to be back in Tahlequah for the "R.A.T.H.O.L.E in Exile" tour at the Legion, however, due to Covid, our merch may not be here in time. 

That being said we WILL be throwing out official Sabertooth album bracelets…

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Texas, and merch

The show down in Houston, TX was a blast. We can't wait to do it again, and we wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out to show support! 

We now have $1 bracelets, and New Saberdeath shirts…

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New album

Hey all you Saber-fans! Saberdeath here to give you a quick update on the ole' Sabertooth bois:

With only three songs left to track and master, our Debut album, physical copies, and merch will be out later this year. With…

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