The Vanguard Album release show

We are excited to finally drop the long awaited, and sought-after Debut album. 

To play an album release show you have to have 3 things:

1: The album (duhh).

We're a band that is fueled by will power, rage, and fastfood coupons. So, with that being said, every bit of money we've earned from our shows has gone towards the album. YOU the FANS are responsible for this opportunity and we just want to say that you f$cking rock.       -Sabertooth


2: A fantastic venue

The Vanguard has housed TONS of acts in just the recent decade alone. The fact that they are will to have us there the 31st is an honor not only because we're headlining the event, it's the first time we've ever played there period.

And 3: Amazing bands.

We picked the acts that we believe will fit the night's theme just right. All four have not only show their support, but also their true musicianship by being there that night.


We'll see you there!!